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Look out for the Age Friendly Network logo for Age Friendly events.

Day one

Thursday 15th September - Various Venues

Cheetham Cultural Festival starts on the 15th of September. We'll have events at Cheetham Community Academy and the ITC Centre. We can't wait to welcome you!


day two

Friday 16th September - Various Venues

Day two of the 2022 Cheetham Cultural Festival involves events at Manchester Jewish Museum, Mancunia Arts Centre, the Guidance Hub and Ukrainian Cultural Centre.

day three

Saturday 17th September - Various Venues

Day 3 is JAM PACKED with loads of amazing activities at The Transport Museum, Tesco, Welcome Centre, Mancunia Arts Centre, Loveworld UK and New Testament Church of God. There's something for everybody. It's the PERFECT way to spend your Saturday!


day Four

Sunday 18th September - Various Venues

As our 2022 festival draws to a close, join us for another packed day in places such as; The Yard, Central Gurdwara, The Transport Museum, Jamia Mosque, Manchester Jewish Museum, Khizra Mosque and the Guidance Hub.

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